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If you have a passion for exploring Arizona, love offroading, and love to get outside, then you've come to the right place. We've got tons of offroad trails, information on historic sites, and road trip ideas on our site. Use the menu above to begin planning your next adventure!






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Last update: 2 August 2015

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We've built our site to make it simple to navigate and quickly get tons of free information on everything about Arizona. While our speciality is off-roading, our greater focus is enjoying everything Arizona has to offer. Use the menu above or these quick links below to start learning and exploring.

8.2.15 Updates:


  • OHV Trails is now Offroad Trails and has all trails sorted by region and alphabetically.

  • Search bar added to all pages allows you to look up any keyword to find a related page.

  • 3 NEW Trails added to Flagstaff Region

  • all 8 Flagstaff trails have been re-written and reformatted for easier navigation

  • "Who we are" section updated

  • "What we use" section updated 


Arizona fact of the week:

Arizona is large enough to fit all of New England plus the state of Pennsylvania inside of it.

Off-road tip of the week:

Washboard roads are a common occurrence. Next time you're on one, airing down the tires and speeding up or slowing down may make it better.

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