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Arizona fact of the week:

The Navajo Nation (NE corner of the state) is the only portion of Arizona that observes daylight savings time.


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Last update: 31 August 2014

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Historic Places:

From wide open deserts to steep mining roads in the high mountains, Arizona has hundreds of great trails great for beginners and experts alike. Click below to get started exploring trails for your next outing!

Like the trails, the roads across Arizona offer a multitude of new places to explore. From world-famous locales like the Grand Canyon, to hidden gems along the back roads, there's something for everyone on every kind of journey.

Arizona is fortunate to have played such an important role in history. Historic sites liter the state and vary from entire ghost towns to simple road side monuments. Check out our in-depth history pages.

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Off-road tip of the week:

Staying on existing trails and roads help to ensure that they stay open for future generations to enjoy